How Is Joomla Going To Rule The Website Design Market With Helix Ultimate In 2018?

Website Design Market With Helix Ultimate In 2018

Joomla is now the second spot in the race of CMS platforms. It is the platform of choice for coders and designers, who prefer an in-depth control of their website content. Almost 2 million websites including restaurant sites and e-commerce sites are now running on Joomla with panache.

As of the latest reports, Joomla powers almost 9% of the world’s business sites. It is another open source CMS that is changing the digital market rapidly.

 Website Design Market With Helix Ultimate In 2018

1. Why do designers prefer Joomla?

People prefer this open source CMS simply because it provides better control of website elements and content. It is one of the most powerful customer management platforms for those looking to dabble in e-commerce. It empowers the designers and coders with a plethora of continuously evolving extensions that can fuel good looking, functional and professional websites.

2. Introducing variety within the simple Joomla template and website designs

Joomla may have thousands of templates and theme options but considering its domain over 3% of the entire web, a lot of people are worried about the lack of originality or variety in their website design. However, this CMS comes with a myriad of customization options for all designers.

According to the design experts at Dragon Advantage, here are a few things you can try to keep your website content interesting and attractive for your target users.

  • Try formatting the website content.
  • Include lots of high-quality images on your site to accompany the text.
  • Curate links to other articles on your website and links to relevant content on other reputable websites.
  • Update your metadata, tags and on-page SEO options regularly for better visibility.

3. Helix Ultimate to define the new future of template design

 Website Design Market With Helix Ultimate In 2018

The fear of becoming too generic regarding website design has become irrelevant thanks to the rise of Helix Ultimate. This is an advanced Joomla template framework that comes with customization tools to build all kinds of templates within a couple of minutes.

This is bringing responsive website template creation within budget once again on the table. You do not have to worry about extensive coding and programming languages either. Helix drives its power from Bootstrap 4 framework.

Helix Ultimate comes with Google AMP support for all future websites. The integration of a new user interface, a new layout builder, header and footer variations, mega menus, open graph support, and vertical menus is going to make the creation of new mobile-friendly user websites a lot smoother for designers of all expertise.

Helix Ultimate RC3 comes with complete SC Page Builder support; eight color presets, custom style option, major bug fixes and PHP 7.2 compatibility. It is the star of the CMS world.

4. What advantages does Joomla Helix Ultimate bring to you?

Helix Ultimate is the future of all website design. This is the complete CMS platform cum website builder you will need in 2018 to dominate your target market. The inclusion of fresh flat design concepts, new UX, media managers, header variations and mega menu builders, the Helix Ultimate is the arsenal of new features, Ajax compatibility and customizable tools we have all been waiting for.

Its new Ajax Rating derives its power from the CSRF Token for enhanced security against database hacks and cross-site request forgery attacks.

One of the biggest advantages of using Helix Ultimate is that it is SEO ready right from the box. It does not take too many adjustments, enhancements and customizations to build your website’s visibility. For example – every time you create a new article or a new menu, Joomla creates an alias for the PHP string automatically.

This helps in perfectly updating the sitemap of the website for the search engine spiders. These sitemaps act just like real life maps for the spiders and they can find all the website content you want to index right there.

 Website Design Market With Helix Ultimate In 2018

Joomla has several sitemap extensions and SEO extensions that work marvelously in juxtaposition to most of the responsive templates and themes you can create on Helix. JSitemap, EKS – Easy Keyword Sitemap and Sitemap are some of the excellent extensions that can help you keep your website visible and search engine optimized without taking a toll on your loading speed.

With the introduction of new template builders and highly compatible website extensions, Joomla poses serious competition to other contemporary website builders and CMS platforms. In 2018, experts are expecting to see a sharp rise in Joomla’s market share as the stable version of Joomla Helix Ultimate takes over the website design market.

Author bio: Darcy Smith is a website designer. She has worked with leading design and SEO agencies like Dragon Advantage. Her work aims at minimizing the gap between trending design and good UX for all websites and online businesses. You may follow her blog to learn more.

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