8 Tips Worth Reading If You Are Travelling To India

Plan On Which Places To Visit

India is one of the world’s most diverse countries with so many different cultures, and people of different religions and ethnicities live there. It is one of the biggest countries in the world with respect to area, and the second biggest in terms of population.

India has some of the most scenic and picturesque places for tourism. It is so vast that you can’t visit all the places in one attempt. You have to visit India several times to even think about touring all the places.

There are many points to ponder when you’re traveling to India. It has 29 states in total, with each state having its own culture and traditions.

For example, there are different things to consider when you’re visiting a part of Rajasthan compared to a place somewhere in Himachal Pradesh.

Rajasthan is quite hot and clothes with full sleeves should be brought there, while for Himachal Pradesh, a different set of wearable should be brought as the weather there is much colder.

So, the requirements and items that should be brought with you on your travel varies a lot depending on the kind of area you are visiting.

Here are some of the tips that will really help you to integrate in India when you visit it.

1. Plan On Which Places To Visit

Plan On Which Places To Visit

The first thing that a person willing to travel has to do is planning his trip accordingly. For example, the person should know in advance about where is he going and what places he will be visiting there. Knowing all the routes and the order in which a person will visit all the sites is of paramount importance.

Getting some travel advisory before travel is recommended so that the person traveling has a know-how about the ground realities, as no matter from where one gets the knowledge, the only concrete information which is realistic comes from the local community living in that specific area.

For example, a person went to visit the pyramids and other historical buildings of Egypt. But he was not aware of the geography of the area. So, he ended up being scammed by several taxi drivers in that area.

So, it is very important to not only do some research on an area, but also seek the opinion of locals about the current situation there.

2. Buy Stuff Depending On Weather

It is very important to have necessary information about the weather condition in the area you’re going to visit. It’s easier if the country where someone is going has a constant weather everywhere. The most common example of this is Switzerland, where weather in all areas remains very much constant.

But in a country like India which is very big, but also has all kinds of terrains, it’s very difficult for an outsider to know about the weather condition especially if he has never visited a country before.

So, communicating with the local community and doing research does a lot of good. If you buy a lot of stuff and intend to send it before you arrive, you can use a courier service to send it to India.

It will work out to be much cheaper than you having to pay for excess baggage charges to your airline.

Similarly, visiting an area in a certain weather condition should be decided as well. There are some places which should be visited in winter but there are others which are ideal to be visited in the summer.

3. Eat Healthy Foods

Eat Healthy Foods

India is a country with a rich variety of cuisines. It is good to eat different kinds of dishes, but make sure of the cleanliness and in the way that food has been cooked. Always get the food cooked to the max and eat it when it’s steaming hot.

When necessary care is not taken, it results in issues related to the stomach and Diarrhoea if it carries on for too much.

Delhi Belly is a stomach disease which is quite famous in India, so if you’re unlucky enough to suffer from Delhi Belly, it will make sure to keep you in bed for a week. So, proper care while eating is necessary.

4. Learning The Local Language

When you’re traveling to any place, it is good to know the language of that place. This helps in integrating with the locals, and the community appreciates the effort to speak the language as well.

It is good if you can learn even a few basic words of the local language. For India, knowing how to speak a few words of Hindi is very helpful when interacting with the local population especially if you’re purchasing something from a shop. For Example, knowing how to say ‘hello’, ‘how are you’, ‘alright’ and counting in Hindi is really beneficial.

5. Wear Conservative Dresses

India is a place which seems liberal from the outside but it’s mostly conservative except the posh areas of the city. So, you must not wear dresses like skirt or any other dress which uncovers your body. Bring full sleeve shirts and jeans with you.

Also, while visiting the Gurdwara or any Temple, it is necessary to cover your head, and don’t go against the religious beliefs of the people in any way.

You’re getting yourself in trouble big time if you do so. So, to blend in with the public and not attracting any unwanted attention, it is imperative to wear conservative dresses.

6. Carry Necessary Medication With You

When you’re visiting India, the hygiene is not as good as Europe or the developed countries. So, extra care must be taken while going anywhere, eating something or drinking water. But you should go prepared in any way whether you get ill or not.

Medicines in India have different names than the ones you might find locally in the area you live in. Similarly, if you’ve travelled to a far flung area which is under-developed in India, then you might not find a medical store at all for the medication you need.

If you’re suffering from a disease like Diabetes or are a patient of High Blood Pressure, it becomes compulsory for you to carry medicines with you. If you’re a patient of Asthma, then always carry an Inhaler with you during your journey.

7. Don’t Keep A Lot Of Money In Cash

Money In Cash

When you travel to tourist specific destinations, the threat of getting pick-pocketed is at quite a high level. For that purpose, don’t keep a lot of money in cash. Keep some money in cash all the time, but keep most of your money in a credit card.

If it’s optimal, then keep a flexible pouch as well which carries not only your money, but also your other belongings like keys, passport and other important stuff during your travel journey.

8. Don’t Restrict Yourself To The Comfort Of Your Hotel Room

When you go to travel to India, never restrict yourself to your hotel room in the city you live in. India is much more than seeing the buildings of the big cities. Rather than doing that, try to go outside the cities and visit villages to find out the real beauty of India.

The local people living in rural areas are more pure and closer to nature. The air in villages is really fresh and clean as it does not contain the smoke and impurities that the air in cities contain. The people of the villages are very hospitable and friendly.

The villagers really like it when someone comes to visit their place. They tend to take really good care of local guests let alone foreigners. So, do not limit yourself to the views of the cities in India.

More than 65% of India’s population lives in rural areas, so you’ll be missing a hefty chunk of the Indian natural beauty if you do not end up visiting villages during your trip to India.

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