Ways In Which You Can Maximize Your Solo Trip To India

Solo Trip To India

Hitting the road all by yourself is a great experience if you are willing to go it solo. It does not however mean that you throw caution to the wind and get reckless, but you get to re-discover yourself, get out of your comfort zone, face fears if any, travel at your own pace, visit places of your interest and indulge in activities that you find exciting, or better still simply relax in solitude!

Solo travels are about pampering yourself with the best possible holiday experience, in a safe and comfortable manner.

How exactly can you make the most of your solo trip to India Tourism package? This has been widely promoted across the country with different states organizing regular festivities every year.

Solo Trip To India

Planning a solo tour of India is quite a challenge for the country is indeed replete with so many holiday destinations that vie for your attention; some places relatively more suited for backpackers and solitary tourists.

If it is your very first solo visit to India, simply pick your favorite destinations and let your trusted tour operator handle all the arrangements.

It makes sense to explore one region in India rather than spend your time travelling between destinations located in different corners of the country.

If you do have the time and the inclination long distance travel does have its own appeal! Let your travel interests guide you in selecting where and how you wish to spend your holiday.


1. Beach Destinations

Bounded by the seas on three sides, the scenic coastline of India is dotted with several beautiful beaches that you can explore. The beaches of Kerala are popular with travelers and so are those in Goa and others in Orissa.

Goa, along with Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram down south are ideal for short trips. On the other hand Kerala and Orissa offer a great mix of scenic sights and interesting activities that can keep you on your toes throughout your trip.


2. Hill Stations

If you are a fan of scaling peaks, trekking, hiking, biking through rough terrain or simply love the cool mountain air and snow clad peaks then you do have a choice of exploring the hill stations.

Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, or several destinations on the Western Ghats in Kerala. Hill stations in North India receive snow fall while the ones in the South are cool and pleasant even during winters!


3. Nature /Wild Retreats

Wild life and Nature Reserves are aplenty in India. Tourism is regularly promoted at each of the reserves by organizing guided tours and safaris through the densely forested natural habitat home to tigers, elephants, lions, rhinos and a multitude of other animals.

Kaziranga, Gir, Mudumalai, Periyar, Kanha, and several other wild life and bird sanctuaries are ideal for solo travelers, as they are never alone, but still free to revel in the beauty of the settings!


4. Royal Getaways

This land of rich kingdoms is dotted with spectacular palaces and fortresses many of which have now been converted into heritage hotels, and well-preserved landmarks. Even those in dilapidated state make impressive sights.

Horseback rides, Elephant rides, or Camel Safaris, tryst with the desert terrain, and the quaint Bishnoi tribe are characteristic of a visit to Rajasthan, the land of Rajput Kings.

Kerala too has its own set of traditional palaces that are beautifully designed as per local styles.


5. Architectural Wonders

Exquisitely designed Hindu and Jain temples, Buddhist monasteries and stupas, palaces, mosques and mausoleums surrounded by vast garden spaces, structures that stand testimony to British presence.

Also, India is a treasure trove of structures of special architectural significance – traditional regional styles, British, Dutch, French and Mughal styles as well judicious fusion of several styles as well.

Caves of Ajanta and Ellora, rock sculptures at Mahabalipuram, much famed Khajurahu, Sun Temple at Konark, Jain Temples at Dilwara , ruins at Hampi, Brahadeswara temple at Thanjavur, Osian complex at Jodhpur.

The list is literally endless! Mughal architecture is pretty much evident throughout the capital city of Delhi and the famous Taj Mahal at Agra.


6. Serene Sanctuaries

India also has its fair share of serene and pristine locations for tourists to relax and unwind, far away from the bustling cityscapes.

Kerala, Sikkim, and Ladakh are but a few of the many destinations with offbeat locales ideal for a solitary retreat.


7. Safety Precautions

A solo tour in India can be safe and comfortable, provided you stick to the standard safety drill while travelling alone.

  • Do not attempt to stand out from the crowd, even if you are a backpacker. Limit conversations as necessary and dress conservatively in line with the local dress code.
  • Exploring remote unfamiliar territory on your own is not advisable even if you are an adventurist. Similarly, avoid venturing out at odd hours.
  • Keep the manager at your hotel or family members informed of your travel plans so that they find it easy to locate you.
  • Carry a cheap phone with a local SIM to call for help or reach out to local contacts if and when needed. If you plan to use your own personal gadgets, make sure to pack and carry them carefully.
  • Always safeguard your travel documents. Carry some cash on you so that you can manage even if you lose your luggage/belongings.
  • Travel light, with just essentials and re-stock enroute – Make sure to use bottled mineral water, check if seal is intact. Dine only at hygienic restaurants.
  • Travel insurance is a must for adventure enthusiasts!

Simply plan your trip well ahead, sign up for a package with a trustworthy tour operator and travel safely for an enjoyable solo tour in India!

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