5 Reasons You Need To Sleep At Least 7 Hours A Day

Sleep At Least 7 Hours A Day

For very many years, doctors never knew that sleep is a vital part of human health. Today, people with sleeping problems are increasing at an alarming rate.

According to statistics, some so many people rely on sleeping pills to catch a good night sleep. The problem is that with time, the body develops a dependency on the sleeping pills and this can be a big problem.

So why are people trying so hard to get a good night sleep even if it means wearing a sleeping mask?


1. It Reduces Health-Related Risks

Sleep At Least 7 Hours A Day

Without getting enough sleep, you are exposed to so much danger. First of all, you are at a considerable risk of developing high blood pressure due to stress.

Remember that when you deny your body enough sleep, the production of stress hormones is increased. This will significantly affect your mental state, and you will find it impossible to focus.

Also, your body functions will be put on high alert because they have to strain to keep the body active. This can quickly result in high blood pressure and even heart attack.


2. Improves Your Memory

When you sleep, the brain is still functioning; in fact, the brain works more when you are asleep because that is when it processes your day and connect events.

It is also during sleep when your mind is linking your current experiences with your memories. Not only will you have a good memory but you will also be able to make quick judgments that are rational.


3. Helps Repair The Body

When you are sleeping, your body cells are working repairing damages and other dangerous things that you were exposed to during the day. According to experts, the body produces more proteins when you sleep.

Proteins are the building block for cells hence promoting body tissue repair. If you improve your sleeping pattern for the better, you will realize that you are living a more healthy life and even your skin tone will show it.


4. Keeps The Heart Healthy

Keeps The Heart Healthy

The rate at which the heart works when you are active during the day is higher than when you are asleep. When you are busy, your heart beats faster without rest, and if you keep this up for too long, then it may get exhausted.

When you get enough sleep of about 7 to 9 hours, your heart gains enough time to relax and regain its original form.


5. Can Prevent Depression

The chemicals cause most of the sleep-related complications within our bodies. That is because, without sleep, the body does not get the time to reload; hence everything we have gets used us.

The deficiency of serotonin in the body can lead to depression, and we all know that people have committed suicide because of this. With enough sleep, however, you can avoid becoming a victim of depression.



You can find out more about why you need more than 7 hours of sleep safely online. Also, it is good to know that there are people with sleeping disorders who have been helped and have regained their healthy lives.

However, you should know that whenever you feel sleepy, and you have the chance to, never hesitate because it is your body system and brain demanding for it.

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