How Can A Private Detective Help In The Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

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Marriage typically is a life-time commitment sustained on the basis of mutual love, trust and respect. Pre-matrimonial investigation is no new modern-day concept. It is just that the responsibility earlier rested with friends and close family members who used their contacts to gather all the essential information about the potential groom/bride. This of course was necessary only when families looked for bride or groom outside the extended family.

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Finding a life partner through matrimonial websites, dating sites or even on social media has now become common practice, making it necessary to ascertain the genuineness of the details furnished before proceeding further with matchmaking. People interact virtually across geographical barriers before they meet in person. Details furnished during face-to-face meetings too may require verification.

Pre-matrimonial investigations help you make sure that you have indeed found the right partner to spend the rest of your life with.

Scope Of Pre-Marital Investigations

The scope and nature of pre-marital investigations tend to vary based what you wish to know about your spouse-to-be. There basically two types of investigations:

  • Verify the genuineness of information that you already have
  • Unearth hidden details if any / additional information you would like to know
  • Cross-verifying the information already provided is of course pretty straightforward, while gathering confidential details is challenging; more of what private detectives actually do.
  • Intelligence gathered during pre-matrimonial investigation can literally make all the difference.

Details Collected Typically Include

1. Identity

Identity theft is common place today. It is easy to fake identity especially in long-distance relationships. It is important to ascertain that person is indeed who he or she claims to be.

2. Educational Qualifications

These are times where degree certificates are for sale. While educational qualifications may not really matter when it comes to marriage, furnishing false information too is quite unnecessary.

3. Employment /Salary Details

Typically education, employment and income details are indicative of a person’s ability and confidence to move on to the next stage of life. He or she can take care of themselves and are ready to take on the responsibilities of running a family. Any misleading information in this regard is a matter of concern as it usually leads to false expectations and misunderstandings early in married life.

4. Family Background

As we’re aware marriages are binding on families of the bride and groom as well and it is therefore important to check the background of family members, their occupation, reputation in society, ancestry and other pieces information that are typical in match making.

5. Financial Status

While there are many who wish to marry into affluent families or those of equal status, ascertaining the actual financial worth of your spouse-to-be is important especially to check if they are under financial distress. Unpaid loans, mortgaged assets or other financial woes may affect your future. Not everyone willingly disclose their financial concerns.

6. Health Records

Private detectives can access health records and report on any medical conditions that may affect marriage life. This is yet another sensitive aspect that tends to get pushed under the carpet but returns to plague couples for life.

7. Past Affairs

Many a perfect marriage gets wrecked by past affairs, even if the people have moved on. While it is today common for people to frankly speak up on past relationships, not all gory details surface. Allaying any suspicions of past affairs/relationships or even fears about your present relationship being a serious one is bound to relieve you of undue anxiety.

8. Criminal Background

Is your spouse-to-be engaged in any illegal/criminal activities? Has he or she been on the wrong side of the law or involved with people with shady backgrounds, any pending cases in court or negative press/ reputation, drunken driving incidents?

Detectives are the best people to unearth such information from their trusted sources in the legal and police circles.

Investigations and background checks make more sense especially if there is a huge difference in the financial status, income or age between the pair in love, engaged or just being matched. While it always helps to hope for the best, ruling out any chances of foul play in such cases may prove a huge relief later. There are people who may in financial trouble, neck deep in debt or simply looking for a wealthy life-partner to further their lifestyle. Private detectives can help verify the intentions of the person in question by gathering personal details discreetly.

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Each and every piece of the detail collected is bound to be significant. Detective agencies and professional detectives have access to data and records that are typically beyond the reach of the common man. Proficiency in use of electronic equipment and mastery over intelligence gathering techniques further enhance the accuracy and usefulness of the details they bring to the table.

Even when there is no single shred of detail against a person, private detectives are fully capable of getting email records and cell phone messages that often reveal valuable personal information. Shadowing people to gather information in real time is also one of their skills.

Private detectives offer discreet surveillance, client confidentiality and accurate reporting, things that make all the difference when it comes spying on loved ones. Is it really ethical to spy on your spouse-to-be? It is okay, but only if you have good reason to and can justify your action at a later date if at all it surfaces in future!
There’s however no harm in ensuring that you’ve selected the right life partner. Do make sure you hire the services of a reputed and experienced private detective (agency) to do a professional job!

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