8 Local Cuisine Of Andaman Islands That You Cannot Afford To Miss

Local Cuisine Of Andaman Islands

Whenever we visit an exotic land, exploring every aspect of that place becomes our sole motive. We want to see all the attractions, do all the activities, indulge in the culture of that land and most importantly we want to relish the local cuisine of that place.

You must have heard a lot about the beautiful beaches, natural panoramas and unblemished islands of Andaman but do you know about gourmet cuisine of this destination? If no, then get ready to have food cravings with us!

Local Cuisine Of Andaman Islands

The local cuisine of the Andaman is mainly seafood as the entire region is covered with ocean. They prepare scrumptious dishes with expensive and rare sea creatures which allow people to relish on an infinite variety of seafood.

The staple diet of locals is also made up of non-veg mainly. Many Andaman packages also include the seafood items at affordable prices. However, if you are vegetarian, then you can also find tasty south India or Chinese food items as well.

Let’s dive in to know the most favourite local dishes of the serene Andaman

1. Tandoori Fish

Talking about seafood without mentioning fish is not possible, right? The restaurants of Andaman serve plenty of unique dishes made up using the exotic fishes of Indian Ocean. Tandoori Fish is one of those lip-smacking recipes.

After cleaning and dressing up the soft and juicy fish with spices, it is left in Tandoor until it turns golden brown. The garnishing with herbs and salad makes the dish look more appetizing. Beware; its aroma is enough to seduce your taste buds! It is easily available at any eating joint within the Island.


2. Curried Prawns

We know that you were thinking about prawns just after hearing the name of seafood. So, you can fulfil your wish to savour prawns in the beautiful land of Andaman. A variety of Prawns are available in the Bay of Bengal which becomes the main ingredient of our next dish.

The fresh and crispy prawns dipped in yellow curry will make you a fan of this dish. You can enjoy it well with colourful mocktails or other drinks of your choice. The best part is prawn dishes are not expensive in the Andaman Islands due to excess of them. Yes, keep ordering and eating the delicacies of this magical place.


3. Grilled Lobsters

All the seafood addicts must add one more dish to their list which they can’t miss during the Andaman tour. For those who don’t know about lobster, it is a marine species little bit different from fish. It is another very popular local dish of Andaman Island. You can check in advance that whether your Andaman package includes such delicious local dishes or not.

The dish is prepared using fresh lobster, butter, chilli flakes, garlic cloves and olive oil. The garnishing of grilled lobster won’t let you resist flaunting it by posting its images. And hey, you can eat without worrying about diet as seafood is very healthy!


4. Crab Dishes

Crab Dishes

Crabs, being the speciality of seafood, are included in the exciting menu of Andaman dishes. Locals prepare many dishes using crabs which you won’t find in any other part of India. The ten-legged sea dish on your table will surely give you a mouth-watery feel. Especially in Andaman, the struggle of eating the crab is worth it!


5. Barbeque

All the foodies can eat yummy barbeque food items during their stay in Andaman. You will get a variety of chicken, fish, crabs, prawns, sardines, mackerels etc. in barbeque at Andaman Island. The grilled seafood along with salad and chutney is a perfect set up for food lovers.

You can also opt for barbeque parties with your friends if you want to gill your own food near sea shore with loved ones. Apart from it, every authentic Andaman restaurant offers barbeque dishes.


6. Macher Jhol

Macher Jhol

Macher Jhol which is prepared using fish has its origin in Andaman. However, nowadays it is a much-known dish in Bengal too. The yummy dish is cooked with best species of fish along with chilli, turmeric powder, coriander seeds and few other ingredients. You can enjoy a new fish recipe daily during your Andaman trip. So, keep counting!


7. South Indian food

A fact from which you should be unaware of is that South Indian food is not only famous in the southern parts of India. Yes, it is cooked and served in the Andaman Islands on a large scale. After all, the enchanting destination like Andaman won’t disappoint the vegetarian tourists. You can get authentic and purely veg south Indian dishes like Idli with Sambar, Dosa with Coconut Chutney, Vada, Puliyagare etc. Special Coconut water of Andaman complements all of the south Indian dishes.


8. Chinese Cuisine

If you are a Chinese food lover, then you can also try various Chinese dishes in Andaman. Due to a large count of foreign tourists, the place offers plenty of foreign cuisines. After the seafood, Chinese food items are the second popular specifically among youth tourists in Andaman. You can get all the dishes of this foreign cuisine in the Andaman Islands. So, have fun at the secluded beach while slurping the noodles along with the Manchurian balls.

Now, you are entirely ready to start your journey to the Andaman Islands. Yes, we understand that you are feeling so impatient to actually taste all these dishes on your trip. The destination becomes double interesting with its unique menu, healthy dishes and luxurious cuisine. And hey, don’t tell your gym trainer about this menu no matter how healthy it is. As we know, you are not going to eat a lot in Andaman!

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