Live Coding Interview: Software, Tools And An Overview

Live Coding Interview: Software, Tools And An Overview

Live Coding Interviews were created and are popular due to an excellent idea in mind, i.e. giving the practical scenario problem to the candidates for the interview. This gives them a view of what their job is going to look like.

Secondly, it gives the interviewer an idea of the candidate. How he responds to stress conditions, how fast is his response to the problem, what logic path he takes while performing coding and many such things.

Let us take a look at the overall and detailed scenario of the Live Coding Interview and also glimpse at the advises cracking the interview and the software running at the top in the live coding online.

How To Crack The Live Coding Interview?

Every company has a different process of hiring candidates and you need to be ready for whatever comes (If the process is not specified). The smaller the company, the less sophisticated interview pattern there would be.

Big giants like Google, Facebook, etc. have a much comprehensive approach to interview with many organized steps involved. So, the first task I would suggest is to go through the interview format of each live coding interview that you are undertaking.

No matter what your interview process is, you need to be prepared for the below-given aspects beforehand. They are the ubiquitous aspects of any interview.

One is technical questions. They come before the live coding test or even during the test sometimes. It can be about data structures, algorithms, technologies, specific languages and frameworks that you know. It is better if you know more languages, but be better prepared to have deep questions on it too. And it is ok if you don’t know many languages. After all, you have to work and master over one thing in the developing career to have a USP of your own.

Second is system design questions. Here the interviewer’s main focus is to understand the method and the logic by which you decide your coding flow. The interviewer presents you a product and you are asked to design the system and architecture of that given product. For instance, social network, search engine, URL shortener, etc. Grab it as an opportunity to show your talent for handling bigger and better questions that come in your way.

The next and the most important thing you should be focusing on is the behavioral questions. Every employer wants to hire a person who enjoys their work and is a good cultural fit for the company. There will normal HR questions such as, “Why do you want to work here?”, “Tell me about the project that you did’, “How did you work with your team in the project?”. Prepare yourself well with the answers.

Why Do Coders Have A Dual Opinion On It?

Live Coding Interview

Though live coding interview may sound like the perfect option for hiring a programmer, it does not turn out to be ideal in the real world. The recruiters are facing a challenge in mending the system and the coders are finding it difficult to adjust to the current system. So now that you know the topic of scoring well in the test, let us have a look into the issues that you are going to facing if you are a novice.

The coders are having a dual opinion over the whole live coding interview method. Be it online testing or offline. According to our research, we have found the following reasons to be more dominating than others.

  • Time-consuming when you have applied to multiple companies: If you have a job and are applying to multiple companies, then it is the most important concern for you. This is because you have to give a live coding test at multiple locations again and again.
  • Inefficient as it checks algorithmic knowledge only: They don’t focus on language knowledge more, and just the algorithm only. This is the complaint.
  • Demeaning for senior coders : As they think coding tests at such a senior level hiring is unnecessary. They need to be judged overall.
  • They don’t reflect real-world problems as promised
  • They take the coders out of their comfort zone: They are put in a stressful situation and eventually end up performing poorly in the interviews.
  • Automatic Scoring of online services can lead to false rejections

What Should The Recruiters Do?

  1. Take the help of technology and use the best online services for testing at one site only. That report card should be valid for all.
  2. Use other language-based and logic-based tests and find the diversity in test-taking.
  3. Create a different method of hiring for the seniors.
  4. Choose more realistic tests or create your test from the actual problem you have in your company.
  5. Make the environment less stressful and more workable.
  6. Ensure a secure and powerful automatic scoring system.

What Are The Best Live Coding Interview Tools?

Coderbyte is a top coding assessment platform for testing engineering talent in your pipeline. It takes quite less time to get set up on one of the plans, and it comes with a library of 300+ challenges and questions. It means you can quickly get a test running and start funneling candidates for any role at your organization.

HackerRank is an end-to-end technical recruiting platform for hiring developers. It has the largest library of coding challenges. As such, their pricing has remained quite high.

Codility is an algorithm-focused technical assessment platform, particularly useful for traditional organizations with less modern technology stacks. It is also a learning and development platform and an employer branding platform. It is great for organizations that want to use a single software for all their technical HR needs.

CodeSignal is a technical screening platform with its coding score it assigns to candidates. They
provide an advanced IDE environment, along with video recordings and a plagiarism checker.

Tesdome is a testing service that uses custom evidence-based hiring methodology to make data-driven hiring recommendations. Testdome has been successfully used by such tech giants as eBay, PayPal, FirstData, and Birst.

Our Two Cents For Comprehensive Services

Live Coding Interview

If you are looking for live proctoring services or live coding online, many online service providers have an all-round service package for you. They use the above-mentioned tools to their rescue and that too very efficiently.

The comprehensive services offered include many aspects that reduce your tasks as a hiring manager. For instance, proctoring the tests, making insightful reports, training the employees/candidates, live coding tests and many more in one place. So we suggest you be smart and choose the smartest for your work.

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A blogger by hobby, Jenny Watson studies and works in the digital recruitment sector. Her research focuses on the screening process for hiring candidates and the technological advances in it.

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