Kitchen Designs That Can Enhance The Look

Kitchen Designs

Interior designing is basically an art and art does not entertain a lot of rules. That being said, there must be certain themes to follow if you want to make your kitchen pop! One of the most fun jobs of an interior designer is choosing the colours and figuring out how to blend them.

Proper choice of colours not only helps provide aesthetic pleasure but also helps adjust atmospheric conditions like light quality, architectural design etc. Now let us explore the different ways of decorating a kitchen.

If the walls sport a light pastel colour or are white or off-white, it is recommended that you use a darker colour for the cabinets. The reverse is also true. If the walls are dark, opt for lighter coloured cabinets. Now what you have to keep in mind is how far the colours must differ.


Kitchens with smaller space usually go for light coloured walls because it gives the feeling of being spacious. If the kitchen receives a lot of light, and if the walls are also light coloured, it is best to go for dark coloured cabinets for some definition.

Otherwise, if the walls are light and the cabinets are light, it will give a feeling that you are floating around in space. Interesting as that might sound, it is not a good combination to have at home.

Natural Light & Its Significance

Also, if your kitchen is not receiving a lot of natural light, it is best to keep the walls or the cabinets light, depending on whichever occupies more space, as whatever little light is being received will bounce off thereby giving a bright look to the place. Dark colours absorb light and might also make the place really hot.

Again, many specialists say that different colours create different feelings in the human mind. Looking at the colour blue makes one feel calm and at ease and yellow makes one bright and happy. Dessert, if eaten off a pink plate, gives the feeling it was sweeter than it actually was.

Thus, a combination of yellow with a darker tone of the same or maybe black or dark green would be a good choice. For an easy-going space, cabinet colours should be just a few shades darker than the walls. For drama, pair strongly contrasting colours for the walls and the cabinets.

What’s With The German Couture?

German kitchen designs of today are incredibly cutting edge. Like everything else German, their modern kitchen designs are sleek, precise and of high-end.

A white countertop with black cushioned chairs with sleek steel chair legs. Ovens built into white walls. All of this with a black definition is the way to go according to the Germans. German kitchens in London opt for similar sleek designs.

Blending Colours

Kitchen Designs

It is important to remember to choose proper colours that blend appropriately with the surroundings. It is not only required to blend the cabinet colours with the walls but also the floors.

Using a lighter colour to show off the darker cabinets is okay, but if that combination does not blend with the floor, then it will look bad.

Also, if the cabinet colour matches with the floor, then it might give a disorienting feeling that the floor is higher than it actually is. In such cases, a proper colour gradation needs to be realised between the cabinets, floor and walls, so they stay separate while complementing each other.

Safe Colours To Play With :

  • White and grey are neutral colours and blend with almost anything. The safest colour combination would be white-grey-black. This combination also works well with stainless steel appliances or furniture.
  • Once you’ve decided on the combination, it is time to think about where to apply them. How do you want your kitchen to look? Do you want to play with colours or stay safe? Romans Haus has you covered.
  • Your kitchen is your space, which reflects your personality. So, the finishes, décor and equipment you use are just as important as the colours.

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