Top 10 Jobs For Earning While You Travel

Jobs For Earning

Are you rarely home from your travels for long enough to finish your washing before booking your next flight out? Are finances the only thing stopping you from taking the next trip?

Well, there are other options out there. Whether you want to take a round-the-world trip and earn some extra cash or you fancy a substantial stint working in another country, here are some of the industries that allow you to earn while travelling:

Casual Work…

To embrace global travel and earn some spending money to boost your budget as you go, casual work is your best bet. It won’t tie you down, and it will keep you going for the next few weeks.

1. Food And Drink

Many travel spots will be filled with travellers looking to eat, drink and have fun. Taking on some bar work will help you meet new friends and keep a love of nightlife going, as well.

2. Hostels

A step-up from doing the washing-up after a meal you can’t afford: help out in a hostel, minding the reception, cleaning or cooking, and you might save some cash on your accommodation.

3. Seasonal

Depending upon where you are going, seasonal jobs such as fruit picking are another option for short-term work. If you haven’t heard of WWOOFing, look into it.

If you are thinking of taking a trip that involves a longer stay in the country of your choice, these areas offer a chance to contribute to the country you visit:

4. Teaching

Consider taking a language teaching course to open the door to teaching opportunities worldwide. If you’ve always dreamed of teaching at a summer school France is the country of choice for many seeking an extended stay abroad.

5. Charities

If you already have some charity work in a voluntary capacity under your belt, or relevant studies, think of applying for a job at a charity abroad.

6. Summer Camps

Like working with children and getting involved in a bit of everything, from sports to excursions, teaching and trips? Working at a French summer camp has it all, and being in the centre of Europe means you are well placed to continue your onward travels.

What about expanding your career experience while you’re away? Certain careers lend well to travel:

7. Travel Industry

It might sound obvious, but if you’ve got experience in the travel industry, the world is your oyster. Transfer those skills to being a tour guide, a travel agent or a travel consultant, and your career will be on the way up in no time.

8. Construction

If you’re a carpenter, builder or labourer, you’ll never be short of work around the world. Keep an eye out for casual or longer-term contracts.

9. Hair And Beauty

Hair dresser or beautician? You’ll be meeting people left, right and centre, and those who have been on the road for a while will love a bit of pampering. You are sure to be in demand!

10. Creative Industry

Are you a talented photographer, travel writer or artist looking for your big break? Expand your portfolio with your inspiring new surroundings and apply for roles while abroad.

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