All That You Need To Know About IT Helpdesk Bot

IT Helpdesk Bot

How many of you have ever interacted with a chatbot? Almost all of us, isn’t it? Chatbots are a wonderful innovation, a solid proof of the use of artificial intelligence in our day to day lives. While personal virtual assistants belong to the same category, we are more focused on the various chatbots used by enterprises and businesses in assisting customers and employees alike.

As customers, we are now used to webchat options on countless websites. We drop our queries in the chatbox and either get a mail or talk to an assistant. How sure are we that we are talking to a real person and not a virtual assistant? A chatbot created using the latest technology is so similar to a human that it is almost impossible to know.

In the same way, chatbots are used within the enterprise to employees to solve issues of other employees. For example, the in-house IT team of an enterprise uses IT helpdesk software and chatbot to streamline the queries and complaints they get about various IT-related issues throughout the day.

Instead of the team answers and responding to employees, they work on troubleshooting the issue while the chatbot does the job of communicating and processing the related information. There are countless advantages to using chatbots in the IT department. But in this blog, let us first Know About IT Helpdesk Bot so that we can see how it saves time and money for the enterprise while improving efficiency and productivity.

Task-Based Skills

Task-based skills are the ones that get things done. There are quite a lot of common and repetitive tasks the IT agents have to do every day. By automating these through the software, the agents can save hours of their time and focus on monitoring the IT system and keeping it free from errors and attacks. Some of the task-based skills include-
Resetting passwords, unlocking accounts, handling multifactor authentication, resetting tokens, etc.

Providing group access to files, drives, documents, and reports, adding or removing ids from mailing lists, etc.
Installing software through the cloud, helping employees by providing a step-by-step guide to self-install the software, providing approvals, permissions, and access to use the software, suggesting alternative platforms in case of glitches, etc.

Sending notifications to employees about any changes/ updates to the software, scheduling notifications, sending notifications through multiple communication channels at once, and using AI to manage power outages (and not lose the work done), etc.

Knowledge-Based Skills

Knowledge-based skills are the ones where the chatbot uses machine learning and natural language processing to provide personalized answers to various questions asked by employees. The chatbot understand the high-level IT language and provides-

  • Relevant answers to questions (about software, hardware, data, etc)
  • The answers to employees in various formats (text, images, videos, infographics, charts, lists, tables, etc.)
  • Details based on history and past conversations, job profile, working location, etc.
  • Access to pre-built knowledge base based on what kind of information the employee needs and whether or not the person is eligible to access it
  • Help to agents in using the software, taking feedback from employees, and using it to improve the system

Process-Based Skills

These tasks are related to the business processes where the chatbot handles multiple employees, systems, and processes at the same time. The tasks include-

  • Adding and removing employees to and from collaborative teams (as and when required)
  • Managing software license approvals, approving or rejecting services requests, taking requests for new equipment, providing DevOps support to the technical team, etc.

Communication Skills

Communication is one of the biggest reasons why IT helpdesk chatbot is used by enterprises. The chatbot successfully does the job of more than one agent by simultaneously interacting with different employees, sending them notifications, etc. The skills include-

  • Extending real-time support to employees 24*7
  • Allowing humans to step in and take over the conversation at any time
  • Sending every tiny detail related to the issue to the expert
  • Bypassing the LI of the support team and sending complex issues to the respective L2 expert
  • Managing requests online and offline, creating, routing, and resolves tickets, etc.

Learning Skills

The chatbot doesn’t stop at helping employees. It also continues to learn and improve its’ performance just as humans do. This is something not many Know About It Helpdesk Bot. The bot learns to-

  • Collect and use feedback, take data from text, images, videos, graphs, gifs, etc.
  • Track important processes and details, record and store related information for future reference, etc.

Enterprises should, however, ensure that they choose the best AI company to buy the helpdesk software, install and use it for day to day business operations.

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