How To Avoid Depression During The Coronavirus Outbreak

How To Avoid Depression

The rising numbers of cases and deaths caused by coronavirus disease are scary. The figures related to the pandemic outbreak can affect our mental health.

Many of the patients, their families, and suspects, and those who have recovered from the disease, are left with no job and no solid source of income.

Such disturbing scenarios can break anyone. This is probably the right time to talk about how to avoid depression caused by the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown.

Don’t Believe In Rumors

Rumors roam and affect the minds of the people. In the era of digital and mobile, rumors spread faster than any virus does.

Rumors are best at fueling anxiety. A piece of information cannot be true just because it has been shared by one of your friends or relatives.

Social networks and instant messengers are for socializing, they can be a great source of entertaining and communication, but they cannot be a dependable source of news.

To stay updated with the latest information on the coronavirus spread, you should rather listen to the news on local TV and radio channels.

Stay Connected With Your Dear Ones

A large number of people are away from their family. If you are too, speak to them multiple times a day.

Send them instant messages. Video chat with them. Do whatever you can to stay connected with your near and dear ones.

It will be a great support for them. This way, you can check if they need something, for example, medicines, supplements, medical attention, and kitchen supplies.

As a sign of care, you can send them gifts with customized messages designed by iCustomLabel.

You can also learn to create customized greetings for your loved ones on YouTube. Keeping yourself and your family members involved will help you mange lockdown stress and negative thoughts.

Develop A Routine And Stick To It

There’s no point wasting your time watching television and your smartphone screen. This could be your time to stare away from your screen and start a healthy and active lifestyle.

Some of the inclusions our your new, healthy daily routine should be –

  • Exercising
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Cooking or learning to cook
  • Finish your work (if you working from home)
  • Eating home cooked meals
  • Reading a book (at least one page a day)
  • Spend time with your family (if you are not with them, talk to them over call or video chat)
  • Clean your garden by yourself
  • Getting into bed on time
  • Getting more than 8 hours’ sleep

The idea is to keeping yourself busy as much as you can, so there is no time for negative thoughts, depression, and anxiety. Break up your day for different activities. And do take time for rest in between activities.

If you develop and follow one such routine, you will see a completely new and energetic version of you after the pandemic ends and lockdown is over.

Practice Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation, however, are put in the category of alternate medicine. But they are a true stress buster.

Millions of people of people in the world practice yoga to stay fit physically as well as mentally. Scientists are digging on why and how these Indian exercise techniques help strength the body system in and out.

You can control your negative thoughts and stress by including yoga and meditation in your daily routine. However, the benefits of ancient yoga and meditation techniques are not limited to that only.

Start with Pranayamas, and gradually include stress buster Yogasanas in your everyday sessions.

Avoid Unhealthy Habits

Smoking and alcoholism are a curse to the society. Even if you take them in moderate levels, then also, they are extremely harmful for your health.

Apparently, these unhealthy lifestyle choices have a direct connection with our mental health. The brain that is responsible for mental health relies on the balance of chemicals and processes.

Both alcohol consumption and smoking affect that balance, and with that, our thought process, feelings, and actions.

Alcohol does an adverse impact on our digestive system, kidney functions, and blood pressure, and smoking has a lineal influence on the health of our lungs. Both alcoholism and smoking lead us to many severe physical and mental health conditions.

So, learn to quit smoking and drinking. Not to mention, you will need a strong willpower to do that.

Help Others

Help others, well, if you can. This is a difficult time for us all. We have to deal with it altogether. The government is doing a lot. But this is our chance to help the government out by helping those who are in need.

Provide food to the poor and the hungry. You can join social welfare programs being run by the government and autonomous agencies in your local.

To save your cost, you could consider offering them home-cooked food, which for the recipient, will be healthy and for you, in your budget. And when you help others selflessly, it feels like a great stress relief.

Bottom Line

If you notice that you or a loved one is going through depression or anxiety, you can consider contacting emotional support helpline.

Staying alone fearing of poor health or disease contamination can lead to serious mental health problems.

If you notice negative thoughts and are often worried about your health, you should contact 911 or call your loved ones to send help.

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