Holiday Party Ideas That Are Big Fun For Small Companies

Holiday Party Ideas That Are Big Fun For Small Companies

At any workplace, there are never-ending projects. Holidays bring some relief for employees. During a holiday, there is a festive feeling all around. And holiday parties increase that feeling.

Holiday parties don’t mean to have a big budget, rent out a big atrium, or plan a grand remote outing.

As a small business owner with no heavy budget, you can host a holiday party that all your staff will love and they will have memorable enjoyment. Here are some ideas that you can use for organizing your own office holiday party:

Have A Theme For Your Holiday Party

Are you willing to make your holiday party a memorable one? Give a theme to it. A standard drink and catering party in your office premise brings a lot of fun and enjoyment when everyone is wearing outfits matched with the selected theme. And all the other arrangements match the same.

Suppose that it’s Christmas. Choose a theme around it and make all the requisite arrangements.

For this, you can ask your employees to come in Santa Claus outfits. You can stick the respective labels on water bottles and allied items to make your party arrangements and look for Christmas.

Ask your employees to decorate Christmas tree and office premises so that they will enjoy some valuable time in the office and understand each other well, reduce stress, and improve productivity in the office.

Organize A Holiday Game Show

Everyone has their own favorite game, and most of you love to play that game. This time, you should make a little change in your holiday party game.

You can request your staff to suggest a few new games that you haven’t played till now.

Based on the received suggestions, you can keep Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest, Cookie Exchange, Quiz Breaker, Team Building Kits, and White Elephant in your list if you haven’t played anyone of these till now.

Work On To Have Holiday Health Fest

During a holiday, most people become unconscious about their health. Instead of gift exchange, dining, or gaming, turn this holiday party into a fitness celebration.

For this, you can make arrangements for a health fest this office holiday party to keep your staff aware of their health.

In this health fest, ensure the availability of the requisite items such as fruit juices for hydration, mats for performing yoga poses or meditation, and a professional trainer for high-intensity interval training. Your employees will love getting trained on how to do a yoga pose or meditate for better outputs.

Make A Photo Booth

A holiday party, especially at a workplace, is crucial for employees. Most of the staff wants to make it unforgettable.

And for this, they want to have a memory associated with it. Renting out a photo booth can be expensive for you if you are a small company owner.

Instead of renting, you can make a photo booth with the help of your employees. You can choose a part of your workplace and decorate it by using the theme based ornaments. After that, you can get ready to strike a pose to click the moment.

Make The Availability Of Drinks And Smokes

In your company, you will have different types of employees. Some of them love drinking and smoking at a holiday party to enjoy the moment and have fun.

For such people, you can make wines, beers, smoking pipes, cigarettes, etc. available at the party.  Allow your staff to take their favorite drinks and smokings along with snacks so that they can have full entertainment.

You can take your employees in pubs and restaurants for dinner party, there are lots of pubs offer discounts for corporate parties.

You can arrange drink party for your employees also you need to take care your employee safety so you need to put some restriction on alcohol consumption.

Arrange A Family Day At Your Workplace

Many people want to know the place where their close one works. By organizing a family day this holiday, you can allow your employees to come to the office with their guests and family members.

As you announce a family day at your company, your employees will work together to decorate the workplace. This collective work will be fun and enjoyable for them.

Consider Off-Campus

You might have organized many holiday parties at the workplace for your employees. Try to do something different this time.

For a holiday party this year, choose an off-campus place in close proximity to your business place. You can take your team to a local theater or multiplex to watch an inspirational, team building, funny movie together.

Further, you can opt for taking your employees to a local zoo, botanical garden, or park to be close to nature, you can also ask them to take their family too.

Volunteer Together

Helping the needy is in our heart. However, we don’t do it due to lack of time and resources. As an employer, you can be a volunteer with your staff to celebrate this holiday in a different way.

Here, you need to keep in mind that volunteering doesn’t always mean to invest a lot of time and money to help others.

You can simply visit an orphanage or a child hospital to play with children. Further, you can offer a small packet of meal to the hunger in and around your city/town.


Organizing a holiday party basically depends on what you like, what you want to explore, and how creative you are.

By using your creativity, identifying your likes and engaging all your employees, you can make your office holiday party fun and enjoyable on a small budget. I hope you will try these ideas to make fun in your companies.

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