How To Be A Great Best Friend

Great Best Friend

We all want a best friend. We can deny that to ourselves as we get older. Back then, when we were still young, we often have a lot of friends whom we also considered as best friends.

As we mature, friends seem to get smaller and smaller, and then the idea of having a best friend seemed to be hard to find.

When we have friends, we can lean on them. They make life brighter and beautiful to live. However, if you want to have a great best friend, you must also practice being one.

Are you confused if you already have good friend qualities that make you achieve your best friend’s goals? Well, no worries, girl! We’ve got you covered.

In this article, we are going to show you how to become a great best friend to your friends! Check them out below.

1. Be Real

Do you like to have a fake friend? For sure, not. That’s why you have to be as real as your friends should be. You should not be some you are not.

Or else, it will be too hard for you to be happy with your friendship. Of course, you are more confident if you are showing them your real personality, right? So, act normal and be real.

You don’t have to be anybody else for them to like you. Even if you are full of flaws, if you feel confident with your skin, your best friends will not find it hard to accept you too.

You can do everything comfortably if you’re not hiding something. For example, if your friends are rich and they have their lot of expensive things, you don’t have to buy them too so that you can blend with them.

Admit that you’re not that rich, and they will understand you. Additionally, if you feel like you are gay or lesbian, you don’t need to hide it from them.

Tell them who you are and will no longer be a problem if they approved or not. As long as you are working every day to keep yourself better, that’s enough reason to accept you.

2. Be Honest

It is better to be brutally honest with your friends than to tell them lies. You might think that being honest is not a good friend quality you should obtain.

Well, you’re wrong. Being honest will help you build a strong trust from one another. You don’t have to insult them, though, and you can tell them the truth without offending them.

Has it ever crossed your mind if you want to be friends with a liar? Probably, not. So from here on, be honest with your friends and avoid lies.

Remember that you can’t hide a lie forever. If you’re going to keep them, it will be harder for you because you are holding something that you should have shared with your friends.

For example, if you saw your best friend’s boyfriend kissing another girl, the best to do is to tell your friend about it because sooner or later, she will find out.

It will be more comfortable for her to recover if you tell her about it now. Another thing, if you think your best friend’s drinking too much, you should warn her about it.

Because this might affect well-being and her healthy body, remember that your best friends will never know that what they are doing is wrong, not until you tell them about it.

3. Be Supportive

You should always be the #1 supporter of your best friend. Aside from best friend goals, your best friend has her dreams, typically that she wants to achieve. So, as she takes on her journey towards success, you should be there cheering her.

Your best friend might be experiencing some failures in life, and it would help best if you know how to encourage her. You have to make her feel that she’s not alone and she’s got a hand to hold.

If you could see and check them from time to time when they are feeling low, the better, however, if you are also busy with your life, you can send them an encouraging message such as best friend quotes that will make her cry, singing a song, and more.

4. You Should Always Have Her Back

How To Be A Great Best Friend

You should help your friends for them to take adversities easily. And they also have to do the same thing for you.

Again, sending best friend quotes to them can help them ease the burden they are feeling. Best friend quotes will always remind them of your love for them. You will shine together if both of you have good friend qualities that will reflect your goals in life.

It is tough to face a problem alone, and it is not easy to do that. That’s why the gift of friendship should be cherished as a shoulder to cry on in times of need.

You must have someone who can understand your thoughts and your agonies in life. In case she’s sad, you can help her laugh by sending her some funny and witty quotes. So that in times of need, you don’t have to go through those obstacles alone.

5. Stay Loyal To Your Friends.

A great best friend is like the right partner in a relationship. It needs a lot of loyalty to lasts. If you’re loyal to your best friend, you can’t do the things that will hurt her feelings.

For example, if your best friend always talks about her relationship with a guy about the reason that they always fight about, you should keep it to yourself. Of course, she trusts you to share those things with you, so you should be trustworthy enough to keep them.

Life can be full of surprises. If your friend is experiencing failures, cry with her. If she’s experiencing success, celebrate with her. That is what loyalty is all about.

You need to be there for each other, whatever may be her current situation. You need to make them feel that you are someone whom they can rely on forever.

6. Forgive Each Other.

Whatever may be your best friend’s goals, there will always be times that you fight for each other’s differences. However, you should learn to forgive each other.

For example, saying good morning funny to your friends first is a great way to break the ice. Or say something cute words to lighten the mood, and let the reconciliation begin with a good atmosphere.

It is not only way that you could make up for your mistakes. Don’t give up yet. Friendships are tested with trials, but if you have passed that together, the more you’ll be stronger together.

Accept the fact that we are all human and human makes a lot of mistakes. So, if you two are arguing, make sure to think twice before saying the words that will hurt her. Think again, if your words are fruitful for the conflict to end. If not, it is better to stay quiet and talk another time.

However, if you have already hurt your best friend with your words, you have to apologize. You must know how to make up for the things you said that weren’t right. You must learn to say sorry if you want to be a great best friend.

Put aside your ego and value your friendship more. If she doesn’t want to reach out to you after a fight, take the first step to compromise.

7. Keep Your Promises.

Be A Great Best Friend

Remember the saying, “Don’t make promises that you can’t keep.” If you make a promise, make sure that you are keeping it forever.

If you seemed to be forgetful, you have to list down your promises in a notebook, to check if you have fulfilled them. It will not only develop trust, but it will also produce a good friend quality within you.

Prove to her that whatever promise you have for each other, is a promise that can’t be broken. For example, best friends do share their secrets in life with each other, right? So you must know how to keep her secrets most, especially if these secrets can ruin her life if known by others.

8. Make Time For Each Other.

Time is significant in friendships. If you don’t invest time with each other, it will be hard for both of you to stay connected. Remember that time is a gift. It takes time to meet a best friend, and it takes time to keep up that way.

If you aren’t busy, you can ask each other to hang out. You can watch movies, enjoy night swimming, or even sleepovers together. It is essential that you see each other in person so that you can hug them too.

Make time if you don’t want your best friend to be aloof to you. In case it is impossible to see her, don’t forget to send her some best friend quotes that will put up a smile on her face today.


It takes a lot of effort and time for a friendship to be last forever. Before you can find a great best friend, you should be one.

Keep in mind the good friend qualities we discussed here, and you will surely develop a deep connection and a lot of best friend goals with your best friend!

Which one do you think would help best for you to become a great best friend? Share your thoughts below!

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