A Complete Guide On Backdrops For An Event

Backdrops For An Event

You must have heard the expression, “A picture speaks a thousand words.” A highly expressive graphics always draw the attention of your potential customers. When you are taking part in a trade show or conference, you need to make sure that your display leaves an impact on your audience. A great backdrop represents your brand and allows your customers to see what exactly you are selling.

For example, if you are in a supermarket and you see two brands selling a beverage. They cost the same, however, one of the brands has a nice backdrop that makes it looks exciting and the other brand uses dull packages and looks cheap. Which brand will you choose? I think the answer is obvious. You must always try to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Who Uses Backdrops?

Backdrops were first used by the theaters to create the scenery for plays. Later, they were used by photographers to create the scenery for photos. Today, backdrops are used by businesses to attract the eye of customers in order to increase their market share.

Types Of Backdrops

There are two types of backdrops that are used in corporate events, portable backdrops and non-framed backdrops. A high-quality, vibrant looking portable backdrop allows your customers to identify your brand instantly.

A portable backdrop is easy to assemble and disassemble and they are easy to carry in a bag. This type of backdrop is used when you have to travel and attend different events.

Non-framed backdrops are used to change the look of an environment, turning them into something special. These backdrops can be attached to different types of systems that lie back walls, trusses, pipes, and more.

How To Use A Backdrop At A Corporate Event?

Using a backdrop in a corporate event has become the norm. The right backdrop allows your brand to stand out from the rest. Backdrops add a certain vibe, which turns an ordinary space into a unique setting. Therefore, you need a backdrop that showcase your brand to your prospects.

A great backdrop is important if you want to represent your company in a corporate event. Here are a few things that you should add in your backdrops to make them look attractive.

Showcasing A Logo

The most important thing to use in a backdrop is a company logo. This allows your customers to identify your brand from a distance instantly. If your backdrop doesn’t have a logo, it makes it difficult for potential customers to understand your brand.

Message On Backdrop

If your backdrop has a small message or points, this makes it easy for the customers to understand what services or products you are offering to your customers. It also allows your team to talk more efficiently with potential customers because most information is already available in the form of points in your backdrop.

Use Graphics

By using graphics and images, you can make your backdrop attractive and appealing to your customers. A backdrop that has images showing what the brand is about catching more eyes than a backdrop that has no images.

Write Color Patterns

Imagine using a neon color in the backdrop, this will it difficult for your customers to read what is written or shown on your backdrop. So, make sure you choose the right color scheme.

What Is The Importance Of Hiring The Right Company To Buy Backdrops?

If a trade show or a corporate event, a backdrop is a representation of your company, the very thing that draws the attention of your customers to your booth. If your backdrop fails to impress your potential customers, the chances of them turning into customers are tough. This is why you need to make sure that the company you are hiring or buy stand backdrops from has the following qualities:

  • Experience: Make sure the company you hire has the right experience in delivering backdrops for companies. The experience is important because they know which type of graphics or fonts will attract more customers.
    Meet deadlines: You don’t want to hire a company that doesn’t take deadlines seriously. Imagine, you have to leave for an event next day and you still don’t have your backdrops ready. This leaves you with no time to make changes if something is not right in the backdrop.
  • List of satisfied customers: This is the most important thing you must consider before finalizing any company. Ask the company to provide a list of references of their previous clients. Ask then about their experience with the company. This will give you an idea whether the company is worth investing in or not.
  • Cost: The last thing is the cost, look for a company that offers the best service in minimum cost. Ask companies to provide quote for their services, compare those quotes, and negotiate to get better deals.

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