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A Guide To Shopping In God’s Own Country?

A Guide To Shopping In God’s Own Country

While travelling, we gather plenty of memories and reminisce about it forever. But would you not like to remember and narrate your experiences backed by tangible evidences?

Photographs are very common and these days saved digitally. Best way to preserve the memories, yes of course along with your selfies and pictures of scenic beauty is to buy some souvenirs.

Souvenirs are tokens of remembrance of the beautiful memories one had in the past. These could be any handicraft articles, paintings, condiments and many more whatever is the speciality of the place.

A Guide To Shopping In God’s Own Country

Kerala is indisputably one of the most enchanting destinations in the south of India. It offers a plethora of souvenirs to buy and everything is so well thought out and beautiful in its own way. One should definitely take home at least a few of these to relive the beautiful moments spent.

So to make your job easy, we have listed a few souvenirs that you should definitely take home:

Tea And Coffee

Attention all tea and coffee lovers! Kerala offers the best tea and coffee so you know what to do the next!

Visit the hill station Munnar which is famous for tea plantations and head to any factory and know the secrets of production and cultivation of a varied range of tea and coffee and take the authentic flavours to your abode.

Coconut and Coir Articles

Just imagine looking at these each day and reminiscing your ravishing trip to Kerala! Coconut and coir articles are eco-friendly and are great home decor pieces as it adds a traditional touch to your modern homes.

Coir handicrafts are made from coconut husk. Some of the popular coir articles are mats, ropes, brushes and coasters. You can find these in any handicraft shop on the streets of Kerala.


The shimmery accessory worn on the forehead of the elephant is known as Nettipattam.

This ornament is believed to bring prosperity and peace in your life. You will find a lot of them in plastic or polymer but the original ones are made up of copper and pure gold which gives it a royal look and can make any boring wall of your house look attractive.

It is available in big and mini version so you can buy as per your convenience. Yes, it is expensive as it consists of gold but it is worth investing in.



Going to Kerala and not buying spices is a sin! Now you will wonder why to get spices from here when I can get it in supermarkets or local stores? But let us tell you the teasing aroma of spices will drag you to buy some and the best part is that these are freshly harvested spices.

Spices like cloves, black pepper, cardamom, etc. are the ones we use daily and you definitely don’t want to miss on them. These are best bought from plantations so that you become privy to the farming methods and understand the richness of these spices.

However, you can get the same in local stores over there but just for a different experience, you can visit the plantations.

Kathakali Masks

Even this serves as a great home décor piece and hanging it on your house walls will enhance the beauty of your house. These are masks beautifully painted with vibrant colours. Famous classical dance form of Kerala, Kathakali, involves wearing this mask while performing. These are available in a variety of colours and serves as the best souvenir.

Aranmula Mirror

This is a beautiful metal hand mirror with an intricate design engraved on it. As it is so astonishing it can be duped easily. But you don’t want to get cheated right?

So, it is best to buy this mirror from the family who makes Aranmula mirrors in Kerala. You can visit their workshops and buy from them directly. The cost varies depending upon the size of the mirror. It can range from some thousands to lakhs.

Kerala Saree

All eyes here beautiful ladies and husbands and brothers of the beautiful ladies!! You cannot afford to miss a chance to buy a Kerala saree when in Kerala. These are not only made of rich fabric but also with a hint of gold. Yes, you heard it right!

Kerala’s Kasavu Sarees are a cultural symbol of Kerala. These are made of light cotton in off white colour and the border is woven by dipping the thread into real gold (Kasavu).

Draping a Kerala saree can make you look extremely classy, elegant and beautiful at the same time.

Nettur Petti (Casket) / Malabar box

Where do you keep your jewellery at home? In some boring boxes or just dump it in your drawers? Then why not have a heavenly looking beautifully crafted box to store your jewellery?

Nettur Petti is an ethnic wooden jewellery box with metal embellishments and is perfect if you are looking for a souvenir to store your jewellery. It was once owned by royal women of Kerala. These are crafted by artisans in Nettur, a village in Kerala.

They show a lot of patience and skills by making this casket as beautiful as it could ever get. The authentic piece costs anywhere between INR 5000 to INR 15000.

Nilavilakku (Lamp)

Nilavilakku is a traditional lamp that you will come across in Kerala. These are generally made up of bell metal or bronze. These lamps are placed on the floor and lit on auspicious occasions in the temples. It is also lit in the households of Kerala in the evening to triumph over the darkness in our minds.

Chundan Vallam (Snake Boat)

You must have seen pictures of a huge boat in the Kerala backwaters and wished to have one forever. It is not feasible to have a big version so why not decorate your home with a miniscule model of this boat?

This model will definitely add a charm to your living room and will make you relive the beautiful moments you spent in Kerala.

So now that you know what to buy when you are in ‘God’s own country‘, plan a trip soon to Kerala and get home these impressive souvenirs!

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